Grow-It-Yourself for Classrooms

Anything you can imagine, grown using our proprietary Mushroom® Material.

Lesson Plan: Grow-It-Yourself Planter Kit

Learning Goals

Students will learn characteristics of a fungus, what mycelium is and how it interacts with its environment. Students will grow mycelium from a dormant substrate to a usable planter over the course of 9 days and make observations and daily learning achievements each day of the lesson.

What is GIY?

GIY is our “Grow It Yourself” material. After years of rigorous research and dutiful development, we’ve released GIY for public use. GIY utilizes the same mycelium technology that we use in our MycoFoam material.

Now you can grow things, at home, work, or school on a small scale. It is perfect for experimenting, testing ideas, and developing products at a small scale. When you’re ready to take the next step, contact us to talk about manufacturing your product at scale.

“Our students at Emma Willard School in Troy, NY love working with Ecovative’s GIY Kit.”

– Jon Calos

Grow-It-Yourself in 3 Steps

Shake It

1. Shake It

Activate your mushroom materials and watch the mycelium begin to grow.

Make It

2. Make It

Fabricate a mushroom product with a grow form into any shape or design.

Bake It

3. Bake It

Dessicate your finished product by baking in an oven (the fast way), or with a house fan (the slow way).

Grow It Yourself for Classrooms, Educators, and Young Scientists

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Downloadable Instructions

Click to download the latest version of any Grow It Yourself instruction manuals.

  • Grow It Yourself instructions (PDF)
  • Planter Kit instructions (PDF)
  • Lighting Kit instructions (PDF)
  • Packaging Kit: 1.5L Bottle instructions (PDF)
  • Packaging Kit: Mason Jar instructions (PDF)

Lesson Plans?

Lesson Plans are available towards the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to dry it?

You should! If you want your GIY project to retain its shape instead of continuing to grow, you need to dry it to prevent that.

What strain do you use?

Our strain is a trade secret protected by our patents. So we can’t give out any information about it, or other strains.

Is it safe to have in my house?

Completely! Everything we sell is free of any toxins or harmful substances or fumes.

Will it catch on fire?

Mycelium is naturally fire resistant!

Will my finished project be waterproof?

Much like wood, mushroom materials need to be sealed to be waterproof. Unfinished mushroom materials will begin to decay when they get wet, just like unfinished timber.

Is this stuff going to stink up my house while it’s growing?

No way! You might notice an earthy smell if you stick your nose up against the bag, but you shouldn’t have to worry about any visitors questioning your hygiene, unless they already do, of course.

Will mushrooms grow from my project if I don’t cover it well enough?

Indeed they will! Given the right conditions, your mushroom material will attempt to sprout mushrooms and reproduce, but if you follow the instructions you should stay mushroom-free.

What certifications do you have?

We are Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified and Living Future Declare Certified.

How fast do these mushroom materials biodegrade?

When broken down into small pieces and placed out in the elements, your mushroom materials will return to the earth in about a month.