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Grow | Material

$20.00 USD

100% Grown, Biobased

Made in the U.S.A.

Free Shipping on Orders over $400

# of Bags
This starter kit of Mushroom® Material is the perfect way to bring your Earth friendly creations to life! Whether you have a product idea in mind, or just want to experiment with the material at home, Grow-It-Yourself Mushroom Material is meant for you!

Bag contains approximately .9lbs of material, which will grow to fill 0.12ft3 (3398cm3).

Looking to partner with Ecovative to manufacture your Grow-It-Yourself project at higher volumes? Contact our sales  team at 518-273-3753 x1039 or

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How To “Grow-It-Yourself”

Follow the Directions: We recommend following the directions until you are more comfortable with growing the material.

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