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MycoBoard™ Sample Tile


100% Grown, Biobased

Made in the U.S.A.

Free Shipping over $50

MycoBoard™ Panels are a premium, customizable, certified sustainable engineered wood. They are bound together using mycelium – “nature’s glue” – which is formaldehyde-free, safe, and healthy. This versatile, non-toxic engineered wood, which offers acoustic and fire-resistant properties, can be molded into custom shapes, machined, or pressed into boards, making it an ideal solution for the architectural and design community.

This sample tile is 7"x7"x0.75" at 42-48 lb/ft3 density. This material is Cradle to Cradle Gold and Red List Free. 

MOR: 1450psi

MOE: 500ksi

IB: 58psi

Screw Hold: 295 lbf

VOC: 0.01ppm (Below Detectable Limits)


Larger sizes and quantities are available upon request to 

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