100% compostable packaging for your products.

What is Mushroom® Packaging?

Ecovative’s Packaging is grown from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms.

  • High performing
  • Has a premium, natural aesthetic
  • Price competitive with most fabricated plastic foams
  • Unbeatable environmental story
  • Home-compostable and sustainable
  • Non-abrasive
  • Custom designed to fit your products
  • Not derived from petroleum or food
  • Made in the USA

How It’s Made

Ecovative Products are grown using agricultural waste and mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms.

How It’s Made

Agricultural Waste

We work with regional farmers to source our non-food agricultural waste which is ground, sorted, and cleaned before growing.


Mycelium, the vegetative root structure of a mushroom, is added to the mix and binds the ag waste together - we like to think of mycelium as nature’s glue.

Mushroom® Material

After a few days of growth, Mushroom® Products are ready for use!

For a more in-depth look at our process, check out our How-It-Works page.

Material Specifications

We also have a Safety Data Sheet for Mushroom® Packaging here.

Metric Standard Testing Lab MycoFoam
Density (lbs/ft3) ASTM C303 Ecovative 7.6
Compressive Strength (psi) ASTM C165 Ecovative 18
Compressive Elastic Modulus (psi) ASTM C165 Ecovative 165
Flexure Strength (psi) ASTM C203 Ecovative 34
Compostability (days) ASTM D6400 NSF International 30
Flame Spread ASTM E84 QAI 20
Smoke Emission ASTM E84 QAI 50
Thermal Conductivity, at 10°C (W/mK) ASTM C518 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 0.039
Water Vapor Permeation (dry cup) ASTM E96 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 30
Moisture Storage at 53.5% RH (%) ASTM C1498 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8
Moisture Storage at 75% RH (%) ASTM C1498 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 12

“The simplistic nature of Ecovative Mushroom® Packaging was a perfect complement to our energy-efficient lighting offerings, and we knew we wanted to be among the first companies to tell this story and offer such an innovative package.”

– Theo Richardson, CoFounder at Rich Brilliant Willing

Case Study: Dell

Dell Server Multi Pack

Dell has been leading the electronics industry in sustainability and is now recognized in the marketplace for environmentally responsible packaging. Ecovative designed Mushroom® Packaging components to replace fabricated EPE- polyethylene foam parts that provide cushioning and bracing in large packages for Dell servers. These packages tip the scales at over 200 lbs, and these sensitive servers require the utmost protection. Ecovative's packaging design team worked with Dell's packaging engineers to create geometries that would protect the hard drives from experiencing damaging G loads in the event of a drop.

Dell Server packaged in Mushroom® Packaging

Case Study: Stanhope Seta

Stanhope Seta IP 570 PTS

Stanhope Seta Ltd. manufactures precision testing equipment and quality control products. As such, they naturally had high expectations for their new packaging solution: it had to be made from sustainable material, make it easier to pack up products for shipping, and offer excellent protection while en route to the customer. Ecovative delivered a custom solution grown from Mushroom® Packaging that did just that. UK based Stanhope Seta was the first company in Europe to use Mushroom® Packaging, and currently ships products protected with Mushroom® Packaging to their customers around the world.

Stanhope Seta IP 570 PTS packaged in Mushroom® Packaging

Case Study: Merck

Merck Forest and Farmland Center Maple Syrup

Merck Forest and Farmland Center is an education non-profit that strives to teach and demonstrate innovative and sustainable management of forest and farmland. On their 3,000 acre property, Merck has a Vermont-certified organic sugarbush, which produced nearly 1,000 gallons of syrup in 2015.

Merck has been taking strides to make their entire sugaring process more sustainable, including shifting from canning syrup in plastic containers to easy-to-recycle glass containers.

Mushroom® Packaging has brought them one step closer to their sustainable goal by allowing them to move away from using foam shipping containers. So far customer reviews have been positive, and Merck hopes that other sugarmakers will start to consider alternative means, like Mushroom® Packaging, for shipping their maple products too.

Delicious Merck Maple Syrup packaged in Mushroom® Packaging

Case Study: Rich Brilliant Willing

RBW’s Monocle Wall Sconces

For Rich Brilliant Willing (RBW), a designer and manufacturer of LED-based lighting solutions for architectural interiors based in New York City, it was important to offer customers a premium product experience, which meant starting with a great unboxing experience.

“When a customer orders a high-end product, the manufacturer places a great deal of value on presentation and making sure the product looks good in its package,” says Theo Richardson, co-founder and partner of RBW. “The simplistic nature of Ecovative Mushroom® Packaging was a perfect complement to our energy-efficient lighting offerings, and we knew we wanted to be among the first companies to tell this story and offer such an innovative package.” Ahead of the first distribution, the company introduced the Ecovative Mushroom® Packaging solution through its website and customer newsletter, and enjoyed a featured article in Packaging World Magazine.

Monocle Wall Sconces in Mushroom® Packaging

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it compare to conventional packaging?

Very well! Mushroom® Packaging is a direct replacement for expanded polystyrene or polyethylene foams, but it can replace lots of different kinds of packaging. To see if Mushroom® Packaging is right for you, take a look at our material specifications.

What strain do you use?

Our strain is a trade secret protected by our patents. So we can’t give out any information about it, or other strains.

How fast do these mushroom materials biodegrade?

When broken down into small pieces and placed out in the elements, your mushroom materials will return to the earth in about a month.

Will it catch on fire?

Mycelium is naturally fire resistant!

What certifications do you have?

We are Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified and Living Future Declare Certified.