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Grow | Packaging Kit

$25.00 USD

100% Grown, Biobased

Made in the U.S.A.

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Looking for a sustainable & custom packaging solution for your product? With the Grow-It-Yourself Packaging kit, you can create custom Mushroom® packaging to cradle your product yourself right at home or in your office! This kit includes the basic tools you need including directions and examples to make protective packaging that will be composted instead of thrown in a land fill!  

Follow the included instructions and use your product and the box itself to make the packaging. The kit contains approximately .9lbs of material, which will grow to fill 0.12ft3 (3398cm3). Use the guar gum thickening agent to help cast the material to the shapes you want. Recycle and use the 7"x7"x7" box that is included to package your item(s).  

You can continue to make more packaging using the bags of Grow-It-Yourself and Grow-It-Yourself Packaging kits. Bulk material purchasing options are available if you want to scale your operation! Contact our sales team to discuss.


  • 1 Bags of Grow-It-Yourself Material
  • 1 Growing Bag
  • Ecovative stickers
  • Guar gum thickening agent
  • 7"x7"x7" shipping box (recycle the box everything is shipped in)


How-to Video

Grow-It-Yourself Instructions

Packaging Kit Instructions & Example Version 1

Packaging Kit Instructions & Example Version 2


How To “Grow-It-Yourself”

Follow the Directions: We recommend following the directions until you are more comfortable with growing the material.

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