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mCore™ Panels

$199.00 USD

100% Grown, Biobased

Made in the U.S.A.

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This product is available.

A strong and lightweight biocomposite core for use in: floating wetland rafts, acoustic panels and barriers, theater sets, temporary signage, and large flat panels.

Dimensions: 39" x 39" x 2" (100cm x 100cm x 5cm)

A strong and lightweight biocomposite core. It can be sanded, cut, milled, and painted.

How can I use it?

It’s a large flat panel, so there are many possible applications. Some of the best uses we’ve found so far are floating wetland rafts, acoustic panels and barriers, theater sets, room dividers, temporary signage, and furniture design.

What if I need a panel in a different size?

mCore™ panels can be produced at any thickness from 1" up to 6" however we do not keep all sizes in stock. We also have the ability to sand one or both surfaces to a smooth finish. To have your custom order quoted please contact us at

Technical Specs:

Additional Info:

  • mCore products are grown using our aerated bed reactor process. Click here to learn more about that process.
  • Currently, we grow a limited quantity of mCore products at our pilot plant facility in Green Island, NY. We are seeking interested parties who want to invest in building their own large-scale mCore production facility. Click here for more info.

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